Etude en blanc n°2: Elégie  (2021)

- Hommage à Ravel - 

for piano

Dédication: Françoise Thinat and Andrew Zhou

Commissioned by the Fonds de dotation Galaxie-Y

Commercial recording : "Présences Lointaines vol.2"

by Andrew Zhou, label Fy-Solstice (2021)

Creation: January 12, 2022 - Salle Cortot, Paris

Andrew Zhou, piano

Duratio  : 9'48 

Publisher : BabelScores

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Passacaille Mécanique  (2022)

for flute

Commissioned by Gaëlle Belot and Festival EnsembleS

Dedication to Gaëlle Belot

Creation: September 9, 2022

Festival Ensembles 2022

Théâtre de l'Echangeur, Bagnolet (France)

Pierre Moraud, flute

Duration : 4'00 c.a.

Publisher: Editions Lemoine

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Etude en blanc n°1 - Heart Mechanics  (2019)

for piano solo

Command by Ensemble Regards,

Création on December 6, 2019

by Didier Rotella (piano)

in Eglise luthérienne Saint-Marcel (Paris)

Duration : 14' c.a.

Publisher : Impronta - Edition UG

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Heart Mechanics  (2018)

for porcelain chime

Command by Florian Dombois, artist,

for his work "Inverse"

with the support of the city of Dresden

Creation on October 28, 2018

by Richard Roebel (keyboard)

on the Glockenspiel vom Dresden Zwinger

in Dresden (Germany)

Publisher : Impronta - Edition UG

Duration : 18 minutes

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Heart-Mechanics_P1Heart Mechanics_P2



Three Primitive Hymns (2008)
for violin

on poems by Victor Segalen

Dedication to Marie-Cécile Biron

Creation: March 2009 at the CRR de Paris

Saskia Lethiec, violin

Duration: 14 minutes


3 Hymnes Primitifs 1


Three Preludes (2006/2007)

for piano

Dedication to Henri Dutilleux

(and dedication of n°2 to André Gorog)

Creations : n°1 at the Festival de Mont-Louis (2006),

n°3 at the CRR de Paris (2007)

and n°2 at the Ecole Normale de Paris Alfred Cortot (2012)

Piano, Didier Rotella

Durations : 6' - 4' - 8'


3Prludes page 0013Prludes page 0013Prludes page 001


Second Sonata (2003/2004)

for piano solo

Création : december 2004 at the Boulogne-Billancourt Conservatory

Piano, Didier Rotella

Duration : 16 min. 


2me sonate page 001