Pantomimes (2022-2023)

Four hand piano and electronics

Commissioned by Fonds de dotation Galaxie-Y 

with the support of the Fondation Salabert

Dedication: Rosa Park and Françoise Thinat

Creation: February 18, 2024 

at the Seoul Art Center, Concert Hall,

Seoul, Korea

Eunji Han, piano

Hyunjeong Kim, piano

Duration: 17'30 c.a.

Publisher: Billaudot

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   Pantomimes, for piano four hands and stereo electronics, is conceived as a dream. Or rather a rambling promenade, an initiatory journey taking place between the moment when the child must go to bed and the moment of awakening. These nocturnal dreams, populated by diverse whimsical, grotesque, and poetic characters, evolve constantly, taking the child through sometimes marvelous and sometimes frightening lands, and through states of mind ranging from calm to passion, from joy to fear, and then, just when the dance reaches its most furious level, the moment arrives for returning to reality.

   Pantomimes is a suite of tableaux arranged following a pedagogical progression, accessible to students from the end of the first cycle of piano (about the fourth year according to the usual standards in French conservatories) and reaching pre-professional levels. The work is conceived as a single block, but of course sections may be performed as separate tableaux. In the case of a complete version, the four tableaux follow one another, with an electronic passage serving as a sonic bridge between each tableau, also allowing each pair of pianists to take their places in cases- as si the pedagogical goal of this collection - when each tableau is entrusted to separate pairs of students of different ages and levels.
   The pantomime of the title is not only a musical evocation, it is also perceptible in the staging and piano techniques required of the performers, since each tableau requires one pianist or the other, and sometimes both, to use the instrument in unconventional ways other than simply using the keyboard. Thus transformed into marionettes, the pianists occupy a total sound space, and yet one solely dedicated to the piano (without 'prepared piano' or other artifice), creating a universe echoed and developed by the electronic part with which they interact.


Passacaille Mécanique  (2022)

for flute

Commissioned by Gaëlle Belot and Festival EnsembleS

Dedication to Gaëlle Belot

Creation: September 9, 2022

Festival Ensembles 2022

Théâtre de l'Echangeur, Bagnolet (France)

Pierre Moraud, flute

Duration : 4'00 c.a.

Publisher: Editions Lemoine

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Partita II  (2020-2021)

for clarinet or flute, saxophone, marimba, percussion and electronics

Commissioned by ensemble Regards and Sacem

Creation: April 12, 2021

Auditorium André Labarrère, Pau (France)

by the students of the Conservatoire de Pau

Duration : 7' c.a.

Publisher : BabelScore

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Reinvest a space of musical play from our Western culture to divert its codes, work on the re-interpretation of the different sections that comprise the Partita as we find it in the Baroque period, on pulsed or free beats, or simply on our way of apprehending the notion of entertainment today, such could be the stakes of Partita I and Partita II, unless there is ultimately no other intention than that imagined by the listener himself.


Absence  (2019)

for harmony orchestra and electronics

Commande of the festival "Musique à l'Encre fraîche"

Creation at the conservatory of Persan (95) on January 21, 2020

by the 3rd cycle harmony orchestra of the conservatoire,

direction : Patrick Laviron

instrumentation: (3-1-4-1-6 / 2-3-2-1-1 / 2 perc.- electro)

Duration : 10 minutes c.a.

Publisher :




Timbral Effect  (2020)

for violin, cello, tuba and piano

educational work (level : first cycle)

Création et the conservatoire de Goussainville (95)

by the students of the conservatory,

date :

duration : 4 minutes c.a.

publisher :